2021 Paddle Junkies Executive

A message from our outgoing President: Thank you to all the 2020 executive and trips leaders for helping to make Paddle Junkies have such a great year even given our difficulties with COVID. I truly appreciate everyone’s support and friendship on and off the water. Here is to more future fun!

I would like to extend a warm welcome to the newly elected 2021 Executive. I look forward to working with all of you in my new role and hope that Caylie will stay president for life! (joking…kinda)

Executive PositionMember
PresidentCaylie Miles
Vice PresidentJillian Yaworski
TreasurerBrett Miles
SecretaryKaren Walker
Director of Events/VolunteersAmanda Gibson
Director of SafetyDiver Relph
Director of Trip LeadersEhren Wilson
Members at LargeBlaine Walker
Members at LargeDavid Bullas
Members at LargeDon Crowe
Members at LargeJames Papineau
Members at LargeKrista Hughes
Members at LargeSelena Vermey

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