About Us

As a whitewater paddling club, Paddle Junkies’ main goal and purpose is to bridge the gap between early beginner paddlers, and intermediate paddlers. We seek to create a community that is welcoming and non-threatening to new paddlers, and to provide safe and challenging paddling opportunities for those ready to gain swift-water experience.

Rather than duplicate and fragment services already offered, we collaborate with other clubs and instructors to help new paddlers overcome the obstacles they face after they are introduced to the sport.

We also maintain the Paddle Junkies Facebook Community to facilitate informal (non-club) trips and excursions involving both members and non-members.


  • We value the fun of paddling above all else! We are excited by whitewater and the beautiful natural environments we paddle in.
  • We value a relaxed approach and recreational paddling.
  • We value safety on the water, built by proper training, practice, and experience.
  • We value good decision making and challenges that minimize the risk to developing paddlers.
  • We value the challenge of stretching our own abilities and encouraging others to do the same.
  • We value community, and being a place where new paddlers are welcomed by experienced paddlers with knowledge to share.
  • We value the learning process and honour the steps that a beginner takes to proceed from their first day on the river to a competent, safe, and confident advanced paddler (and everything in between).
  • We value the development of good judgement and a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, the river.


What we are:

  • A place for beginner paddlers to become intermediate and advanced paddlers as they are given opportunities to practice and expand their skills on class II and III whitewater
  • Collaborative with and supportive of other other paddling clubs
  • Organized to provide official trips and a community that also connects with informal gatherings

What We Are Not:

  • A club running higher classes (IV and higher) of whitewater
  • Exclusive to non-members (whenever possible)
  • Competitors with established instructors and paddling schools